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    BNO 055 as stable Indoor-Compass

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    BNO 055 as stable Indoor-Compass

    Hi there,

    i have a question in case of using the BNO055 as an indoor-compass.

    Our goal is not to achieve a compass which heads perfectly to the geographic noth, but to have at least a stable measurement of how many degres i have turned plus a stable indoor "noth" (zero degree postion).  We use the sensor in NDOF-Mode and even with all sensory activated und fusioned, the compassinformation is very unstable. We make tests, where we put the sensor in zero-degree-position and then turn in clockwise in 10-degree-steps.   Outdoor it works pretty fine, but indoor we have the following behavior:

    - in some degree-areas the aberration is about 20 degree. In some it fits perfecectly.

    - the indoor-north is unstable, like it changes when you move from one spot to another or it even flips about 180 degres.

    - if you stay on one spot and took more then one measurement, the results are pretty even but also with a slightly drift.

    We tested it in diffenrent indoor locations. The BNO055 is mounted on an PCB which is in an plastic-housing. I would like to know, if the usecase we want to achive is just unrealistic with the BNO055, because indoor there are to many magnetic distortions, or if it is possible, that we do something wrong.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Re: BNO 055 as stable Indoor-Compass


    Do you observe the same behaviour indoor in IMUPlus mode?