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    BNO055 Calibration with bno055.c driver

    BNO055 Calibration with bno055.c driver

    New Poster

    To whom it may concern,

    I use the bno055 sensor and i would like to calibrate it.

    To do this, I use a STM32 as brain, as well as the provided bno055.c driver and I communicate in I2C between them.

    And I don't know how to do to calibrate the sensor.I read the documentation of the sensor on the calibration, I watch the video on the calibration of the sensor that bosch has done. But in the video you use a software

    At this time, I made this code :

    u8 sys_stat = 0, accel_stat = 0, gyro_stat = 0, mag_stat = 0;
    bno055_reset_sensor(); //function which applies a low signal to the nReset pin for more than 20ns
    BNO055_delay_msek(7);  //switching time
    				     &mag_stat) != BNO055_SUCCESS) break;
    }while(sys_stat      != 3 || 
           accel_stat    != 3 ||
           gyro_stat     != 3 ||
           mag_stat      != 3);

    But nothing happens when the sensor does not move (for gyro) or even if it make 8 (for mag)

    Thank you in advance


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    New Poster

    After several test, I realized that the NDOF mode remains valid less than one second. I therfore moved it in the while loop.

    So now, I get results but it seems absurd to me.

    I'm not touching the sensor (it remaining motionless). I get so 3 concerning the gyroscope which is quite logical.

    But I get 3 for accelerometer and magnetometer no matter what I did.

    And for the last, I get always zero for the systeme..

    Thank you in advance for the help

    Hi Pegaz,

    sorry to answer so late, but the bno055_get_all_calib_stat function does not even exist in our driver.