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    BNO055 Fusion Data Spike

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    BNO055 Fusion Data Spike

    Hardware : Gravity: BNO055+BMP280 intelligent 10DOF AHRS from DFRobot  & STM32F407VGT Discovery

    Method: Reading Euler angles using I2C

    Problem: There are spikes in reading data.


    1- Tried with another IMU (L3G4200D and LSM303DLHC) and I2C working perfectly fine. This means STM32F407VGT Discovery is OK.

    2- Tried other fusion outputs (Quaternion and Linear Acc) and reading spikes. So the problem is not about Euler registers.

    3- There is no vibration at all just using my hand to rotate very slowly sometimes faster. Speed doesn't change the results. I have always reading spikes.

    Files added:

    1- Excel table for my reading logs. (Obtained from STM Studio)

    2- 1 PNG images from STM Studio that show spikes.

    3- 1 PNG image from Excel table where spike can clearly observable.


    1- Is it a problem that occurs in any BNO055 or my BNO055 is damaged?

    2- What is the probable cause and how to avoid it?

    3- My goal is to use this IMU in Quadcopter. Any advice about using another model? I am not good with filters like Kalman so I have to have an IMU that calculates angles for me.

    This is my second post. The first one never answered. Please I need some answers.


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    Re: BNO055 Fusion Data Spike

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    Re: BNO055 Fusion Data Spike

    Yes, sorry for copying the post. When there was no answer I want to declare the problem more clearly. Waiting for your solutions. Thank you.