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    BNO055 - How to reset origin in relative fusion mode?

    BNO055 - How to reset origin in relative fusion mode?

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    I'm using the BNO055 in IMU relative mode (fused accel/gyro) and I would like to reset the calibration at run time. I tried resetting the system by setting 0x3F bit 5 (using bno055_set_sys_rst) but this doesn't seem to reset the calibration. I also tried zeroing the accel offset and radius offset, and gyro offset before setting the reset bit, but I'm unsure if this is correct.


    To check if the calibration was reset, I took a reading of the quaternion output with the IMU stationary, rotated the sensor by some arbitrary amount, reset the IMU as described above, and then took another quaternion reading after the reset with the IMU stationary. I was thinking that these two readings should be close as the calibration should be reset but that wasn't the case.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi just_testing,

    After resetting the system by setting 0x3F bit 5 (using bno055_set_sys_rst), you need to reconfigure the sensor to IMU mode, and the background calibration algorithm will restart.

    Thanks for the response, I forgot to mention that I set the IMU back to normal power mode and IMU operation mode after the reset. But if I understand you correctly, then the steps I followed to perform the reset are correct? I was a little unsure if the magnetometer offset needed to be reset to 0 as well, although I was thinking it shouldn't matter if I'm using relative IMU mode.

    Hi just_testing,

    This way will work.
    After your second calibration finished, just use the new calibration profile.