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    BNO055_Read Accelerometer,Magnetometer,Gyroscope data on UART

    BNO055_Read Accelerometer,Magnetometer,Gyroscope data on UART



    I am using BNO055 for reading the yaw,pitch and roll values. How do i read this orientation using UART protocol. I went through the datasheet,seems like we need to send a register read command mentioning the register address and length of data. I am trying the same but not able to read data. Do i need to set the protocol selection to UART first? Is there any precondition to be followed for reading values from register. Am i missing something here.

    Is there any API or LabVIEW drivers available?

    Please guide me through, any quick help would be highly appreciated.

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    Thanks Vincent for letting me know.

    One more thing i would like to know is how to reset calibration profile ? There is a reset system button to remove the effect of previous calibration data in the new calibration routine available in DD2.0 Bosch software.

    What all needs to be done to reset the sensor calibration?

    I tried to write 00 value to all 3 sensor offset,made sure it is written properly but still when i stream again the calibration is shown to be same as previous,all sensor are showing fully calibrated. Do we need to clear sensor radius registers also?

    Please guide me on how the calibration profile can be resetted just like when we do reset system in DD2.0

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    No,  you can not just reset the calibration parameters.   

    You need to reset the whole system. 

    The calibration module is running in sensor automatically and can't be disable. 

    So just write 0 to the calibration parameters will not cause the result of calibration reset. 


    Which function needs to be invoked in generic API's for system reset? Please guide.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    If you use BNO055 API,  you can directly call bno055_set_sys_rst

    Since you are using general API,  you can try to write bit 5 of register address 0x3F on page 0 (RST_SYS) directly 


    Thanks Vincent for your timely help. Calibration reset worked just fine.