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    BNO055 Sampling Rate

    BNO055 Sampling Rate

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    I am using BNO055 to measure translation and rotation acceleration of human arm in different situation, so I need set the IMU to the fastest sampling rate.

    But I cannot find the way to change sampling rate of MCU which is collecting Accelerometer and Gyro data. Another thing I cannot understand is when I went to Config Mode and changed registers of accelerometer and gyro configuration to set higher Bandwidth of their low pass filter, the sampling rate will also be changed but not exactly corresponding to the change of Bandwidth.

    Anyone can help this problem? Thank you guys very much!

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    HI Hansen,

    if you are interested in high data rate for raw accelerometer and gyroscope data, then BNO055 is not the right part to select. Take a look at BMI160 or BMI270, which can output up to 3.2kHz synchronized data without issues.

    With BNO055, you are limited by the i2c clock stretching of the internal micro controller. Up to 100-200Hz is no problem, but higher rates may not be possible depending on how many devices are on the bus.

    For the relationship between Bandwidth and Sampling rate, please take a look at the datasheets of the internal BMA280 and BMG160 sensors. For Accelerometer Sampling rate = 2 * bandwidth. For gyroscope the options are a bit different.

    Hello All, I have a doubt. I am using bno055 for my project . It takes 2ms to output a quaternion data.  (no delay given). I need to use 16 BNOs using teensy  controller and multiplexer. Now for reading    quaternion data from all 16 sensors total time taken is 32-35 ms. I need to reduce this to 10 ms to sample at 100 Hz. Any idea on how to solve this?

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    Hi , I need a sampling rate of 200 sps, I am able to get only upto 100 sps, is there a way to increase it to 200 sps.(i want Euler and velocities in all 3 directions), Euler at 100 would be ok but the velocity I need it at 200 sps.