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    BNO055 Software Version

    BNO055 Software Version


    Hi all,

    In the data sheet of the BNO055 certain fields in the register map (e.g. ACC_BSX_DRDY)  are marked to be only available with software version 3.14 and above.

    Which software version is this referring to? The firmware running on the MCU inside the package?
    How do I know which software version I am running on?


    Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks for the information, yes I know now how to read this information.

    Can you please provide further informations on the above question (1-4)?
    How can the FW of the BNO055 shuttle board be upgraded? Is it possible with a host MCU and I2C?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    You also need to download the BNO FW patch for DD2.0:

    After installation, you should get the BNO055 FW version 03.20.

    For FW 3.14,  the ACC_BSX_DRDY  is available.  but we currently don't have plan to update our repository for adding this. 

    Using DD2.0 and our APP2.0 board plugged into BNO055 shuttle board,  you can find FW upgrade menu in UI to upgrade BNO055 FW. 

    We are plan to upload the BNO055 FW upgrade example code in Github.   but it is not for exmpty boot loader.  the boot loader is already built in BNO055. 




    Ok, thanks for the explanation.

    This means, there is no upgrade possibility without APP 2.0 board at the moment for the shuttle board?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    If you talking about the shuttle upgrade,  APP2.0 + DD2.0 is the easiest way. 

    Otherwise, you need to use your own MCU to write the bootloader upgrade code which is able to upgrade the FW of BNO055. 

    Currently the code is not uploaded to Github yet.  So either our FAE can send you the example or you can wait for Github update for this. 

    Thanks for the explanation.

    Do you know approximately when the bootloader upgrade code will be available on Github?