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    BNO055 Software Version

    BNO055 Software Version


    Hi all,

    In the data sheet of the BNO055 certain fields in the register map (e.g. ACC_BSX_DRDY)  are marked to be only available with software version 3.14 and above.

    Which software version is this referring to? The firmware running on the MCU inside the package?
    How do I know which software version I am running on?


    Thanks for your help.

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    New Poster

    I had a similar query - registers in the datasheet that say can only be read with firmware 3.14 and above.  The firmware in my device is 3.11.  The solution in the posts reference a link to a firmware update that is not available now.  Please can you make that available to me?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    The latest FW of BNO055 can always be got from our website:

    How to upgrade the FW: 

    1. The Development Desktop UI provided by BST includes the BNO055 FW upgrade function by default.   You can use it to upgrade the BNO055 at your side

    2. Adding the FW upgrade capability on your own board,  this can refer to the previous comment in this ticket

    The Provided link is not valid, can you please check your side again?

    I am also stuggeling with this issue, can find any documentation about flashing the latest FW on my BNOs or find any ".hex" or some documentions about the FW history.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    The FW can always be downloaded from our website along with DD2.0 installer.

    The link provided in previous post was dedicated to old DD2.0 version.  Now we upgrade to new version.   

    But how do i flash it witht the new FW? i have BNO05 on my custome board, not your BNO055 stick.

    I do have the RX TX configuration via the PS1 PS0 and my UART is connected to a FTDI rs232 and also a reset switch is connected. when i try to connect throu you software FW updloader it never connects. On the scope I can see the ftdi trying to connect and the BNO returns something. 


    Do you have a user guide on how the flash is supposed to bo not on the usb stick?!?!