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    BNO055 System Calibration

    BNO055 System Calibration

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    I am using the BNO055 IMU in an application with high amounts of electrical and magnetic interferance, so I intend to use the IMU fusion mode with the device. While I have not had any trouble reading data, I am having trouble achieving a calibration of 0xFC, currently stuck at 0x60 which indicates that accelerometer and gryoscope are calibrated. If I am not in a mode where I am using all of the sensors, can I ignore the system calibration stat? More importantly, I am curious what this statistic means for each mode, as I was having trouble achieving 0xFF while testing out of application in NDOF, and have yet to see 0xFC in IMU mode.

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    Community Moderator

    The calibration of the sensor needs some defined action or movement:

    1) for gyro, the device should be put in still for few seconds to achieve level 3.  0x60 in your senario is only level 2 which is not fully calibrated

    2) for mag, the calibration will only achieve to 3 when the device moved over certain degrees over air. 

    3) system calibration will goes to 3 when both gyro and mag calibration level goes to 3

    4) for accel, the sensor will be calibrated when all axis go through positive and negative position.  this takes a bit longer time so system calibration is not rely on it.

    Thanks for the prompt reply! So, in IMU mode where the magnetometer is not active, I realize I shouldn't expect the the magnetometer to calibrate at all, but will I still see the system calibration bits go to 3 at all?

    You should take a look at this thread, there is a link to really helpful YouTube video:


    Good evening Vincent,

    I have stuck to calibrate for whole day, regarding magtrometer. As you mention certain degrees over air... Could you please advise the which axis and which degree that user can perform?


    Yours Sincerely,



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