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    BNO055 System Error

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    BNO055 System Error

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a drone project where a bno055 is used for the stabilization control. The communication to the board computer is done via uart. After initialization (axis settings, setting the calibration register offset etc.) I'm changing from config mode to 9dof. After that every 30ms the board computer reads the the sensor data from the bno. But sometimes I'm receiving two errors from the bno.  The "peripheral init error" and "system init error". The datasheet doesn't say how I should treat these errors. Could you give me some recommendations what i could do, to avoid these errors.

    Best regards, Johannes

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    Re: BNO055 System Error

    Hi Johannes,

    BNO055 performs a self-check on startup with uses electric fields to move the MEMS elements and senses the output of the sensor. If the sensor moved due to motion during the self-test in addition, the output is not be as expected and it might fail. I believe this might be your issue.

    We have a case study using BMF055 as a drone flight controller :
    Feel free to build your application based on this case study.

    From our experience, for quad-copter stabilization control, you need to use a specially tuned sensor fusion algorithm other than the BSX Sensor Fusion library built into BNO055. We found the performance to be better by using a BMF055 (basically same as BNO055, but without Bosh Software) with a dedicated flight controller software.