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    BNO055: Wrong sensitivity / resolution in datasheet?

    BNO055: Wrong sensitivity / resolution in datasheet?


    Hello there,

    i am using the BNO055 in a robot for tracking the heading via the gyroscope only.

    The BNO055 is running in AMG mode (so no fusion) with range set to 2000DPS. The datasheets states 16 LSB/°/s overall resolution/sensitivity for the gyro.

    I encountered two issues/inaccuracies with the datasheet:

    • When changing the range to 1000DPS, the resolution changes also (to ~32 LSB/°/s, i guess), but this isn't mentioned anywhere in the datasheet
    • The resolution is not 16 LSB/°/s but more in the range of 16.3-16.4 (according to my measurements)

    The datasheet of BMI055 (used in BNO055?) states a resolution/sensitivity of 16.4 and the newer BMI088 even has 16.384.

    16.384 would make sense, as this is 2^15/2000.

    Can someone please clarify this issues with the datasheet?


    regards Fox

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    At this stage, we do not have plans to flash this new firmware from the factory. We do not have a guaranteed timeline for the release at the moment, as this is the first time a firmware upgrade will be available for the BNO055.


    So there will be just an update for the datasheet?

    Hi Fox,

    There is quite a bit more than just a datasheet update:
    New datasheet, new application note describing the bootloader, Errata sheet to document deviations in current firmware, Bootloader usage sample code, bootloader image, old firmware image, new firmware image, flashing instructions with and without debugger.

    Stay tuned !


    Hi there,

    sooo i have just checked the accelerometer. There is the same bug?
    Accelerometer down value:
    IMU Mode (with Fusion): about 960
    AMG Mode (no Fusion): about 950

    Only 14 Bit accelerometer i could find is the BMA280.
    BNO055 datasheet: 1000 LSB/g
    BMA280 datasheet: 1024 LSB/g

    Can you please check this as well? Is there any update on the new firmware?


    Best regards



    Occasional Visitor

    Hello to everyone,

    therefore the resolution for gyro should be 2^15/range, for accelerometer 2^13/range, for magnetometer X and Y direction  2^12/range and for magnetometer z direction  2^14/range if the option is no-fusion one  (as specified in page 28 of the datasheet). Is it correct?


    Thank you