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    BNO055 detecting interrupt pin when waking up in Low Power Mode

    BNO055 detecting interrupt pin when waking up in Low Power Mode



    I am developing a project where I need the BNO055 chip to work in low power mode consuming 0.5mA as the datasheet says. I am using and Arduino UNO which will be in a sleep mode. The task is to wake up the Arduino UNO when the BNO055 wake up inside the low power mode by the interrupt pin. I managed to configure and read the interrupt pin with all the possible motion interrupts in normal power mode. The problem comes in low power mode when the BNO055 goes to sleep after the 5 (default configuration) seconds, at this moment the interrupt pin is set to HIGH, although I only configured the INT_MSK register for any motion interrupts. I readed the register INT_STA to see which kind of interrupt was, only the bit 7 was 1, so it was a no motion interrupt(In the INT_MSK register this interrupt is disabled, so the PIN shouldn't be set to HIGH). Reading the current consumption with a multimeter, the interrupt PIN is set to HIGH at the moment when the current changes to 0.5mA. Once the interrupt PIN is set to HIGH i will not detect the new interrupt signal of waking up, as I need to reset de PIN. Can I reset the PIN while the BNO055 chip is sleeping inside the low power mode? All my attempts to reset the PIN wake up the chip.

    I would like to know if it's possible to achieve this task with the BNO055 chip, only set the interrupt PIN to HIGH when the BNO055 chip wakes up inside the low power mode. 

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    I just tried your configurations on my BNO055 shuttle board + APP2.0 base board + DD2.0 GUI SW. Your configurations work fine with my multimeter for current measurement. When there is no motion, the total current consumption from BNO055 VDD and VDDIO together is 0.53mA. After I apply motion to the eval. board the total current becomes 4.05mA. About 6 seconds later after there is no motion again, the total current consumption becomes 0.53mA again.