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    BNO055 dont works

    BNO055 dont works


    I'm student and I made custom PCB, with bno055. When I try to communicate with bno055 with i2c, I don't get any answer. I measure that XIN32 and XOUT32 have static output voltage 3,3V. Please can you give me some advice what to try to debug it.
    Best regards, Sam

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    Community Moderator

    Which register do you put on R34 or R35?  This is the I2C address select pin.

    put on R34 means I2C address is 0x28

    put on R35 means I2C address is 0x29.

    You can't have both of them SMT on the board.

    Please confirm you use correct address in your SW.

    BTW, you can check the pull up register on I2C bus.  Suggest to use 4.3 K instead of 10K to try if you can setup correct communicaiton.

    If you still have problem, please paste the screen shot of logic analyzer.

    thanks for answer.
    I'm using just R34 (10kOhm) so address should be 0x28.(I've tried to connect to any address from 0x00 to 0x7F but with out any response).
    I've tried to read data from bno so i send (0x28<<1)+1. But ACK bit was 1.
    As you request here is frame from scope, data are 0101000110.


    I changed BNO for new one and works fine.

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    I have a similar problem. I get no response from the BNO055.

    Here is my schematic