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    BNO055 overrun error when using serial

    BNO055 overrun error when using serial

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    I am currently using the BNO055 in fusion mode using the serial port interface on a custom board. I need to get as many measurement as possible per seconds. Currently, I am receiving a lot of overrun error as a response when I send a command to the BNO055.

    I implement a retry mecanism by waiting 100 ms to let the message timeout delay. It works, but I don't get enough data. 

    Any way to reduce the number of overrun error?

    Any ideas to get better throughput?

    Is there a firmware update available?

    What should be the firmware version (I get 0x311)?

    Thanks for your support



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    BNO055 only supports 100Hz ODR as  maximum.

    So you can pull sensor data every 10ms. 

    Do you still have a lot of over run if you pulling sensor data with 10ms interval?


    In average, I can get arround 3-4 sample per seconds if at each iteration I try to read the 9 axis value (xyz magnetometer, xyz accelerometer, xyz gyroscope). The number of sample/seconds is not constant, sometimes I can get 6 samples per seconds and sometimes 1 samples. This is mainly due to the buffer overrun issue and the number of retries I need to do to get a correct answer.

    In all those cases, I am not getting near the 10ms sampling rate.

    Let me know if you need more details.