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    BNO055 overrun error

    BNO055 overrun error

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    we currently acquired the BNO055 for a drone project. For the communication we are using the UART protocoll. During the measurement of the euler angles, linear accelerator and gravity data the bno055 is running into a overrun error every 3 seconds. The bno055 is running in 9dof mode. The request of the data is happening every 30ms. We also tried a sample time of 500ms to give the bno055 more time. But after the change we are reciving the overrun error again.

    Do you have any ideas what we could change to solve this problem?


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    Dear Johannes,

    For drones application we recommend you to use our BMI088 product, it was specially designed for such application (e.g high performance & vibration robustness).

    You can also check an example project made by a drone maker/student with BMF055 that might help you.


    Hello 🙂 and thanks for your answer!

    Is there a really big difference between the bno055 and the bmi088? I already read that the bmi088 is one of the best imus to suppress vibrations. But we never got problems with vibrations in our system so we didnt want to switch the sensor yet. 

    We are also using the BNO055 for other projects so we are still interested in solving the error. Is there someone who also got this problem?


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    the ODR of BNO055 fusion mode is 100Hz which means every 10 ms our sensor will have new data in the data register. if you don't read it, then it will be covered by new data directly.

    Here you polling the data from BNO every 500ms, so i don't expect any problem.

    Can you give some log to show what is exactly the overun happen on your platform?


    Hopefully the BNO055 Overrun erro doesn't bother you too much and managed to make it work. Due to some internal limitations with BNO055, it is not possible to alwasy avoid this error. The only 2 solutions are:

    1- Use i2c protocol instead; or

    2- Handle the error and retry.