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    BNO055 rises in G for no apparent reason

    BNO055 rises in G for no apparent reason

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    I have been using this device as present on an Adafruit module.
    I am using the IMU mode, so that all sensors are operating.
    Heading and roll seem to be solid in behavior.
    However at times the value for G rises well above the noise floor when there is no input to the system, it is almost like a gain shift.  There is often a correspondence to the "vertical axis" the one perpendicular to the earth increasing in noise as well.
    The orientation of Page24 indicates an orientation, in my particular case, the page would need to be rotated ninety degrees.  Also by internal register the perpendicular gravity vector is stored in the X register.  Therefore the device is on edge and rotated as well.  Is this an invalid mounting method for some reason?  Is the Z axis required to be the perpendicular to the earth "gravity" axis?  I can see the response of he G value in real time, that is how I ended up locating the X register as the one perpendicular to the earth.
    I would like to get a more reliable output from the device as I intend to use it for more than 30minutes between resets.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi samfromAL,

    How is your device installed? How did you rotate 90°? What is the rotation speed?

    By the way, BNO055 is not recommended for use in new designs.