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    BNO055 won't calibrate while experiencing vibration. Any workaround?

    BNO055 won't calibrate while experiencing vibration. Any workaround?

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    Let's assume the BNO055 is installed in a vehicle that has the engine running.  The BNO055 is catching those vibrations and it will stay in 0000 calibration status.  If I turn the engine off and restart BNO, then calibration goes to at least 0300.  But my task involves starting the BNO after the car engine.  Is there any workaround?


    2) The car will move together with the sensor, therefore the car's magnetic interference (probably stronger than earth's) will only puzzle the fusion algorythim.  Is it better to force the sensor to ignore the magnetic sensor by switching to the IMU mode?  Note that yaw drift is not an issue.



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    Hi Sir:

        Please see the following comments:

       1. ACC/GYRO can be calibration on the assembly line or before installing to the vehicle, You can save these calibration value and load them when starting the BNO,so that can avoid the car engine vibration to affect calibration.

           But you also should know GYRO accuracy influence will be increased with time change because of GYRO accumulated deviation, so after running for some time, GYRO need be calibrated by the static condition with no vibration or the dynamic calibartion with Mag compensation. If keep a vehicle that has the engine running, GYRO is not able to complete this calibration without the static condition. The dynamic calibration don't be completed as well if Mag sensor interference is involved.

       2. Yes, you can choose the IMU mode, but you also need to consider how to calibrate Gyro after a certain period of time, just like what I said above..