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    BSEC 2.4 Acuuracy level and BVOC value

    BSEC 2.4 Acuuracy level and BVOC value

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    I am working a project with BME680 sensor. I am using BSEC 2.4.0 lib.

    My query is about IAQ and CO2 accuracy levels. I kept my device running for days but the Accuracy level keeps changing.It reaches to level 3 then subsequently drops to level 2 and level1. It stays at level 1 for hours and does not move to level 3.

    1.My question is why it does not stays at level 3 ? why it kept moving?

    2. what can be done to make sure it stays at level 3 all the time?

    3. Additionally, can you please provide me more information about bVOC in terms of its value? what value of bVOC consider good or bad for human?


    Thank you,





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    Hi BSTRobin,

    1. Does you mean that to keep at accuracy level 3 ,it requires BME680 to constantly exposing  different enviroment.?
    2. When you say, the results are most reliable at level 3, then the results at level 2 and 1 are not accurate?
    3. My project application is meant to design for indoor How can I make sure that the result are  accurate all the time for indoor enviroment?
    4. Can you also provide more info about bVOC value?

    Thank You,


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi JimitP,

    If your application is indoors, to achieve an accuracy of 3, you can open windows for ventilation to exchange air. Because if the environment remains unchanged, BSEC accuracy may remain unchanged and ventilation is required.
    BVOC value is already included in the output of the reference code.