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    BSEC + BME680: Saved state does not appear to restore after a power cycle.

    Established Member

    BSEC + BME680: Saved state does not appear to restore after a power cycle.

    I'm usingf the demo program "basic_config_state.ino".  The sensor has achieved an IAQ Accuracy of 3  for about 12 hours.   WHen I power cycle the system, the sensor IAQ starts over at 25.00 and the IAQ accuracy is at 0.

    I was expecting the reading to start where the power was lost or at least close.  Do I misunderstand the concept of saving the state?


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    Community Moderator

    Re: BSEC + BME680: Saved state does not appear to restore after a power cycle.

    It is expected that successfully reloading the state string should bring you close to your previous IAQ values following a power cycle.

    What is still expected though is that the IAQ accuracy value shows 0 for the initial 5 minutes in LP mode (resp. 20 minutes in ULP mode) following a power cycles, which corresponds to the run-in time of the sensor. But during this initial period, the IAQ may already vary and show values based on the current gas value and state string provided.