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    BSEC IAQ and ALL solutions (BME680)

    BSEC IAQ and ALL solutions (BME680)


    In the datasheet for the BME680 sensor ( ) 

    on page 21 is stated that there exist 2 different bsec solutions:


    BSEC is available in two main variants called solutions: IAQ and ALL solution.

    IAQ solution is intended for customers wishing to measure indoor-air-quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure in embedded devices. IAQ solution can be downloaded from the Bosch Sensortec website (

    ALL solution contains the same features as IAQ solution but also includes more complex ambient temperature and humidity estimation algorithms that will improve temperature and humidity performance in devices that contain many dynamic heat sources in their design. Such devices are, for example, smartphones containing displays, flashlights, large batteries and powerful microprocessors. As these advanced algorithms require tailoring to optimize them to a given customer design, please contact your local Bosch Sensortec representative for support.


    The ALL solution seems to be what we need in our product because we have a device with many different heat sources (e.g. display) and would like to compensate all sources as far as possible .... Can you send me more information for the ALL-solution? As far as I can see the normal bsec library ( only includes the IAQ solution?

    Best regards

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    You are correct, BSEC only supports the 'IAQ solution'. Actually we strongly recommend referring to our website to find our product's datasheets, as the current latest version was in the meantime updated to correctly reflect the IAQ solution's outputs only.

    On the other hand, BSEC still supports the compensation of temperature offsets due to self-heating of the board/PCB. If you are able to characterize the heating influence of your specific design, you can feed this value to the library using the BSEC_INPUT_HEATSOURCE. This feature is also shown in the bsec_integration.c sample code included in the BSEC package.

    So is there an ALL-Solution available in the moment? If yes - is there a documentation?
    Otherwise we will try the IAQ-solution for our temperature compensation - but it would be nice to know, if other possibilities are available ....

    Best regards and thanks in advance!

    Since the heat compensation feature was added to the 'IAQ' solution, there is no 'ALL' solution available at the moment (nor planned to be released). Please evaluate the latest package currently available on our website, and in case further help is needed we will try our best to support you here 🙂