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    BSEC - depreciated virtual sensors?

    Established Member

    BSEC - depreciated virtual sensors?

    Are some of the virtual sensors depreciated or am I missing something.

    I am using BSEC with a MBE680.

    I've based my code on the "basic_config_state.ino" example.

    When compiling I found the 4 variables aere all initiated but not used.

    • uint8_t comp_gas_accuracy = 0;
    • uint8_t breath_voc_accuracy
    • uint8_t co2_accuracy
    • uint8_t static_iaq_accuracy = 0

    Have these been depreciated or they used in the compiled code?   I could not find any documentation on them.

    I also found this line of code in the same example


    Ihave not been able to find any reference to it in any of the app notes or other files (that I can read).  Is it a useful statement?



    Thanks, John



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    Community Moderator

    Re: BSEC - depreciated virtual sensors?

    Hi JohnRob,

    Can you send a link to your reference?


    Community Moderator

    Re: BSEC - depreciated virtual sensors?

    BSEC works on a subscription mechanism, and in the basic_config_state.ino example of BSEC v1.4.7.3, here is the list of virtual sensors subscribed to:

    bsec_virtual_sensor_t sensorList[7] = {

    iaqSensor.updateSubscription(sensorList, 7, BSEC_SAMPLE_RATE_LP);

    To enable more virtual sensor outputs like eCO2, bVOC-eq, etc. you would need to add these to the sensorList array element above (and update the size of the array and number of virtual sensors in the 2nd argument of updateSubscription(...)).

    Established Member

    Re: BSEC - depreciated virtual sensors?


    The sample file was in the BSEC I downloaded from the Bosch site.





    Established Member

    Re: BSEC - depreciated virtual sensors?

    Thank for the reply but i guess my question wasn't clear.  I understand the subscription process,  however the specific parameters I listed are shown in at least one of the examples, however they are not listed in the documentation (see below)

    • BST BME680 IntegrationGuide_AN0084.pdf
    • BST-BME680-Integration-Guide-AN008-47.pdf


    Hence my question, are they still active measurements?