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    BSX-Lite Integration

    BSX-Lite Integration



    I am trying to integrate BSX_lite sensor fusion library in my project.I  am using BMX160. I have referred the BSXLite Integration guide and followed the instructions aper the document. However, I am not getting the sensor data. I tried debugging by reading the return value s after executig each function, but its not showing any error.

    The steps I followed are the following -

    • Included the header files in the BSXLite zip file.
    • Included the algorithm library to the project
    • Configured the I2C lines.
    • Read the chip ID to ensure that the interface is proper. (Able to read the chip ID, Interface proper. )
    • Initialised and configured the sensor using bsx_init(). (Intialization sucessful) Configured the sensors using the specifications given in the BSXLite zip file.
    • Set the working mode using bsx_set_workingmode() (Set the working mode successfully.)
    • Called sensor acquisition functions - bsx_get_accrawdata/bsx_get_gyrorawdata_rps/bsx_get_magrawdata etc. 
    • Checked the return values of the above functions after execution. (All are returning 0, indicating no error).


    Kindly provide help with the same.



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    There are a variety of other threads on the forum on how to use the BMI160 or BMX160. Please use our sensor API on Github to get the raw data, then feed it with the correct timestamp to the BSX library.


    From a software point of view, BMX160 is the same as BMI160 + BMM150 (apart from the chip ID)


    Thanks. Will check it out and let u know..


    Thanks. I was able to resolve my issue after going through your provided links. The issue was with the power mode settings in CMD(0x7E) register. I started to get the ouput, once I enabled the power modes for the sensors.