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    Bme688 pcb design

    Bme688 pcb design

    Established Member
    Hello dear BSTRobin

    I want to design my own pcb with Bme688 sensor chip without dev kits modules such as adafruit and etc, my question is:

    1- can we assembly Bme688 sensor chip easily or its hard?

    2- the sensor chip is calibrated in factory or no they need to be calibration after using?

    3- what is the amount of heat allowed during assembly?

    4- what is your recommendation for sensor chip placement on pcb for example to avoid any electrical noises or warm zones on pcb to reduce false data capturing with the Bme688?

    5- any other necessary information that will help us to design our pcb with high performance.

    I read Bme688 data sheet but i need your own information.
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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi ilcnet,

    1.BME688 could be easily assembled.
    2.BME688 has calibrated the hardware in factory production phase. If you use BSEC software to obtain IAQ in your application, BSEC will calibrate it in the software.
    3. Reflow soldering with a peak temperature up to 260°C for 20 to 40 seconds shall be used (see following figure).
    4,5: For placement and other suggestion, you could refer BME68x HSMI(Handling, Soldering and Mounting Instructions) document.

    By the way, could we know your application information?

    Established Member
    Thank you for your response dear BSTRobin if you remember i was testing this sensor that i bought it from adafruit, for using wildfire detection, the Bme688 is a powerful sensor for wildfire detection and after my tests and review my results i want to produce a wildfire detection product with this sensor. For this reason i want to design my own pcb.