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    Bme688 with two library

    Bme688 with two library

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    Hello dear BSTRobin, when i use adafruit_bme680.h library, the BME688 sensor works well without any problem but in this library we can't get to the co2 and evoc values, so when i use this code and another code bsec.h library, the co2 and evoc values are zero from bsec library but iaq and other values from adafruit library works well, How i can reach to co2 and evoc values with adafruit library or it isn't possible, so why the bsec library not working behind adafruit library, can you help me to solve this issue please.thanks alot
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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi ilcnet,

    What is the BSEC library and example code you used?
    By the way, are you sure your BSEC is running well? Like IAQ  etc.

    Hi Severan,

    Yes, all supported outputs in the table can be used.
    After you download "BSEC 2.x Software" from the link, you will find integration guide in the package.

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    Hello dear BSTRobin

    used bsec library is bsec2.h

    Yes the iaq value is true from adafruit library, but in this library there is no function for co2 value or i don't know with which command i can see the co2 value,for this reason i want to use 2 library in my esp32 iaq value from adafruit and co2 from bsec2 library.

    I know that one of the examples in bsec2 library give me iaq and co2 value directly and there is no needed to use 2 library but i have a problem with bsec2 library example, when i use bsec2 library the values working after 5-8 minutes and theirs go to up for example co2 value started from 500 and goes to 640 and iaq started from 25 and goes to 40 but after this when i use a ethanol spray to test sensor that can sense or no, the values going down immediately iaq is going to 0 and co2 fixed in 500,but in fact the iaq and co2 values after sensing ethanol spray or dirty wheatear must be go to up not down.

    How you can help me, if second scenario will be work correct (using only bsec2 library) i don't need to use 2 library.

    Is it possible to use BME688 to detect the concentration level of CO2, CO and H2S as they are claime in the product information? If it is to what accuracy? Is there a configuration file available for use? Many thanks!