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    Bosch Sensortech XDK kit

    Bosch Sensortech XDK kit

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    I’m new to this community. I would need some help in selecting the right MEMS system for our application.

    We are developing a motion tracking system to measure in real time, at the fastest rate as possibile, the position and orientation of the limbs (right and left leg, trunk and right and left arm) of a human that is moving with respect to a fixed reference frame. Acquired data need also to be transmitted, either with a wire connection or wirelessly, in real time to a nearby PC where they are used to trigger an external device that applies perturbations to the human limbs. Application is in the field of biomechanics, to study human walking, running and movements during sports.

    I would like to know if the Bosch Sensortec xdk kit is suitable for our application.

    I would also ask for other suitable alternatives (we could also consider the Bosch Sensortec application board 2.0 with a shuttle board BMI088 or BMX160 or others)

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    The XDK is device sold by a separate Bosch division : Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. They do use Bosch Sensortec sensors in their modules, along with components from other vendors to make a complete system. The XDK is supported in a different community :

    Regarding your question related to the App board 2.0 (with bluetooth). I cannot recomment using it with BMI088 or BMX160 for motion tracking wirelessly. The Bluetooth 2.0 Serial port emulation has a few drawbacks, such as bandwith limitation and packet drops, which can upset motion sensing algorithms. I would recomment that you run the motion sensing algorithm inside a BHI160 sensorhub locally and stream the result wirelessly. A few packet drops will then not impact the precision of the tracking.