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    Bosch User Guide Example

    Bosch User Guide Example

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    I'm new to the BMA456 accelerometer and would like to better understand this example provided on the Bosch website. The website refers to BoschSensortec / BMA456-Sensor-API in GitHub from where source and header files can be downloaded as I have done. The same page includes a User Guide with the following recommended Initializing Sequence:

    uint16_t main(void) {
    uint16_t rslt = BMA4_OK;
    uint8_t init_seq_status = 0;

    /* Declare an instance of the BMA456 device */
    struct bma4_dev dev;

    /* Modify the parameters */
    dev.dev_addr = BMA4_I2C_ADDR_PRIMARY;
    dev.interface = BMA4_I2C_INTERFACE;
    dev.bus_read = USER_i2c_read;
    dev.bus_write = USER_i2c_write;
    dev.delay = USER_delay_ms;
    dev.read_write_len = 8;
    dev.resolution = 12;
    dev.feature_len = BMA456_FEATURE_SIZE;

    /* a. Reading the chip id. */
    rslt |= bma456_init(&dev);

    /* b. Performing initialization sequence.
    c. Checking the correct status of the initialization sequence.
    rslt |= bma456_write_config_file(&dev);

    return rslt;

    struct bma4_dev is defined in one of the associated header files, bma4_defs.h, but the struct in that file has no member named 'dev_addr'. And there are other similar examples where the examples in the User Guide don't match the provided files.

    How is this User Guide intended to be used ?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello TMunb,

    You could follow example code to use driver code.

    Hello BSTRobin,

    thanks for the quick reply.

    Should I therefore not be using the example that I referred to in my previous post ?  And if so why not ?  It provides what I assume are all the necessary source and header files, but seems to have a problem with matching struct members.  Is there a "fix" that can be applied either to the User Guide example code or in the files that would allow me to carry on with this path ?  I assume I cannot be the only person who has seen this mismatch - has it been reported before meaning is it a known issue ?


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello TMunb,

    Refer to the actual code "", it runs well.

    * @brief Function to select the interface between SPI and I2C.
    int8_t bma4_interface_selection(struct bma4_dev *bma)
    int8_t rslt = BMA4_OK;

    if (bma != NULL)
    /* Select the interface for execution
    * For I2C : BMA4_I2C_INTF
    * For SPI : BMA4_SPI_INTF
    bma->intf = BMA4_I2C_INTF;

    /* Bus configuration : I2C */
    if (bma->intf == BMA4_I2C_INTF)
    printf("I2C Interface \n");

    /* To initialize the user I2C function */
    dev_addr = BMA4_I2C_ADDR_PRIMARY;
    bma->bus_read = user_i2c_read;
    bma->bus_write = user_i2c_write;




    hi BSTRobin,

    so are you saying we combine the the original source and header files, as per the instructions below,

    "Sensor API integration

    Inside your project, include files bma4_defs.h, bma4.h, bma4.c, bma456.c and bma456.h."

    but instead of using the sample codes from that User Guide page we instead use bma4_common.c ?