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    Calibration of BMP280 & BMP390

    Calibration of BMP280 & BMP390

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    I'm an engineer in the R&D department of Onafis byMy Bacchus, a company specializing in the sale of probes equipped with sensors to monitor the development of wine (fermentation and aging). These probes are equipped with your BMP390 and BMP280 temperature/pressure sensors. In our business, we attach great importance to the accuracy and reliability of our sensors, which requires a rigorous calibration process.
    We are currently in the process of setting up a calibration procedure for our sensors, in order to guarantee their correct operation after commissioning.
    In this context, I'd like to ask you to provide us with some essential information about the sensor calibration and recalibration services you provide. Specifically, we'd like to know what method you use to calibrate your sensors at the end of production?

    Thank you for your help,

    Best regards

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Savarit,

    We do not recommend BMP280, BMP390 for new designs.
    We recommend using BMP581 and BMP585 in the new design, as they have higher performance: low power consumption, low noise, and small size.
    We provide a reference method for calibrating barometers:

    • Requirement
      • A highly accurate reference sensors (absolute accuracy below ±10 Pa)
      • A well-controlled production environment, no fast pressure changes, e.g. airflow, door open/close
      • Wait at least 24 hrs after soldering
    • Procedure
      • Device must be on the same plane as the reference
      • Sensor configuration: ultra high-resolution mode, 16 times measurements for average à Psensor
      • Average pressure reading from the reference à Preference
      • Record Psensor – Preference in device memory, e.g., /system, by which future sensor readings will be subtracted
      • An iteration of step 2~4 may optimize the calibration (optional)
        • Criterion is up to production environment, test duration, facility, etc. e.g., 10 Pa