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    Can the BME280 handle condensation?

    Can the BME280 handle condensation?

    New Poster

    I plan to use the BME280 for an O2/CO2 analyzer.

    I have previously had bad experience with pressure sensors and high humidity/condensation.

    Can the BME280 handle condensation/water (when on)?

    Can condensation damage the sensor(s) i.e. is the electronics, bonding wires, etc exposed?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello RBA,

    BME280 was humidity and pressur combined sensor, couldn't used to detect gas.
    BME280 sensor is not a water-proof sensor, so can not be dipped into water directly.

    By the way, what is your application?

    Thanks for the answer...

    I am fully aware that the BME280 is a pressure, humidity and temperature sensor. I need the pressure and humidity values to compensate the readings of the O2 and CO2 sensors.

    I have no plans to dip it into water, but as the sample gas for the analyzer is taken from food-packages, the humidity is very high and there is a risk that condensation can occur, especially when the device is turned off and cools down.

    I have previously used a Honeywell sensor and here the bonding wires are exposed and therefore damaged by condensation/water over time. I need to avoid this situation by selecting a more robust sensor.

    As the BME280 is made for humidity also, I would expect that the design was made to handle condensation!

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello RBA,

    As BME280 data sheet and application note mentioned,

    1, Sensor operating range, 40℃...+85℃, 0...100% rel. humidity, 300...1100hPa,

    2, Sensor storage temperature, ≤65% RH, -45℃...+85℃,

    3, Sensor Moisture Sensitivity Level: MSL1,

    4, The sensor has to be protected against all kinds of liquids(cannot dip the sensor into water or drop water into the sensor).

    If BME280 sensor's working environment can follow the note/datasheet recommendation, the sensor can worked normally in our operating range.

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    The answer seems a little to avoid the point. The question was not can i dip it in water, but does it tolerate condensing water. The question is legitimate because at 100% humidity, which is within the specified operating conditions, condensation is unavoidable. Greetings.