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    Chip Marking: (DOT) YL CAD

    Chip Marking: (DOT) YL CAD

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    Hello I'm exploring the datasheets of different BMA accelerometer sensor but can't find for this chip. This is used on a smart fitness tracker. I2C address is 0x18. Label on chip is (Dot sign)YL CAD or CAO on the next line. TIA.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    If you are the manufacturer of this smart fitness tracker, you could refer to the label on the reel to confirm which part number was used. Otherwise we would advise you to address this request directly to the original designer of this product.

    Hello thank you for the reply. Unfortunately both is not possible. Here is the story. I bought a cheap smart fitness tracker and i'm hacking it for a lower cost development platform. I got all other sensors working except for this one which is accelerometer. I tried reading address 0x00 and the value is 0x11. BMA423 has ID of 0x13 so maybe BMA421 has that 0x11 ID and besides it has 0x18 address too. The problem now is bosch don't release datasheet for this product as shown on this link.

    Before i give up I just want to ask this question. Is it possible to request the datasheet of that part BMA421 or even an API? In github it has this

    but the includes like BMA421.h is not included. 

    EDIT: Spoke too soon. Found it on a linux driver on github. I'll try this one later. Thank you! 🙂


    thank you for your interest in our products. Unfortunately we cannot help you with your request. We cannot support teardowns of 3rd party products.