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    Data loss with Application Board 2.0 when using Bluetooth

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    Data loss with Application Board 2.0 when using Bluetooth


    My question concerns the Application Board 2.0 Bluetooth with a BMX055 shuttle board. I tried out some measurements with only the accelerometer on (gyroscope and magnetometer are in suspended mode). When the application board is connected to the laptop via the USB port, all readings are recorded correctly in the Development Desktop software. However, when the Bluetooth connection between the application board and the laptop is used (instead of the USB connection), the software records only about 10% of the readings, the remaining 90% seem to be lost. This is the case even with a small distance between the laptop and the application board. I am wondering which settings need to be made so that all measured values ​​can be transmitted via the Bluetooth connection. Unfortunately, a reduction of the measurement resolution is not an option as I need high resolution. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Data loss with Application Board 2.0 when using Bluetooth

    Hi ChrisA,

    Unfortunately due to the design of App2.0 and Development Desktop, packet drops will always cause data loss. The primary purpose of DD2.0 was to show live data, and the data logging feature only saves the data received.

    Using the timestamp you can properly align your data, and potentially "extrapolate" the missing datapoint for simple evaluation. for more in depth algorithm development, we recommend using USB connection.
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    Re: Data loss with Application Board 2.0 when using Bluetooth

    Hi ChrisA


    How did you get the bluetooth to work? My board is not discoverable by any device via bluetooth and I want to connect remotely.


    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Data loss with Application Board 2.0 when using Bluetooth

    LMAO at germany.


    Apparently, my board is the bluetooth device "Amp'ed Up!" and that name appears nowhere in the documentation.


    It seems the engineers decided to be "cutesy" and call the board something abstract and totally unrelated to the board itself - AND THEN NOT EVEN DOCUMENT IT!


    My "mistake" was to look for the board name something related to "application" or "development" or even "bosch" but that never appeared, making the board seem undiscoverable.


    I guess the engineers figure other engineers go around trying to connect to every bluetooth device that pops up.  Not like that isn't a privacy concern or anything.


    The only way i found this was to take the laptop and dev board to a clean room and that stupid "Amp'ed Up!" device followed, and I decided to try to connect to it.


    It popped up a 5 digit code, but there was no way to confirm that either.  What part of the board shows that code? 


    The last hurdle was that the board then added 2 com ports to windows, and I had to "trial and error" them to find the one that would communicate.


    This doesn't seem like the product of competent engineers to me.


    Competent engineers would a) make a name that is related in some way to the device, b) actually document the name used, and c) give some sort of indication on the com ports which one communicates to the sensor.


    All in all, TWO WEEKS wasted trying to get bluetooth to connect for something as silly as "Amp'ed Up!" in the naming scheme.