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    Dev kit and mobile app issue


    Re: Dev kit and mobile app issue

    Is there any way I can test the Algorithms I developed with the BME AI studio app, with version 1.1.3 mobile app? In my demo app also, the live test feature is disabled and just can see how the sensor values are changing? @Prop4et in the Bosch video, he explains that he installed the AI studio app from the app store, but I can't find any such app in the app store. 

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    Re: Dev kit and mobile app issue


    If you use latest BME688 software, BME688 dev kit software is v2.0.6 and mobile app is v1.1.3, you should generate .bmeconfig with BME AI-Studio v2.0.0 and copy it to SD card.
    Release note in BME688 dev kit package mentioned the version requirement for BSEC2 and BME AI-Studio.

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    Re: Dev kit and mobile app issue

    So, if I'm not mistaken, after having created the configuration through BME AI Studio and having recorded the data for the algorithm i can create the algorithm and export it as BSEC2.4.0 to run it on the board right? I am able to sample and create and export the algorithm just fine.

    In the video released on youtube two files are used, .aiconfig and .config. The first one is created while the second one exists but doesn't have the extension explicited in the name.
    Should i add it? Should i leave it as it is?
    Should i delete the .bmeconfig file before loading the two configuration files for the live testing?

    The application still has the live testing section that is not selectable

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    Re: Dev kit and mobile app issue

    Hi Prop4et,

    BME AI Studio in the vidio haven't been released, release time will be mid of Apri.
    Currently you could use BME AI-Studio Desktop version which could generate .config file. Copy this .config to SD card, you don't need to delete .bmeconfig file.