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    Development Desktop 2.0 consuming a lot of CPU

    Development Desktop 2.0 consuming a lot of CPU

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    Hello! I am trying to log the sensor data using BMI090L from the accelerometer and the gyroscope. Within one system, we have some other hardware that we need to run with the BMI090L at the same time. Recently I noticed that the Development Desktop software is comsuming a lot of CPU only for running, not for logging the data. This is blocking to use the other components of my system by allocating too much space on the buffer or the memory, but I am not fully sure what, because I don't really know how this software is implemented. I have checked other possibilities for data logging in a huma readable format, which is what I need. I saw there are possibilities to use the COINES or the UI for the Development Desktop, but in both options, further  programming tasks are needed but I believe Development Desktop is already capaple of what I really need and using the UI would be redundant work for me.

    Is there a way to allocate the resources of the software in a more reasonable way? Because I really don't know why the software itself is allocating %15 of CPU utilization only because I opened the software. My PC is a strong one with Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz with 16GB ram installed.

    Many thanks for your helps in advance. I wish you a nice day.

    Kindest regards,

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    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Development Desktop 2.0 (DD2.0) GUI SW uses polling mode for data logging into a txt or csv file. After you finish configuring BMI090L accel and gyro power mode, output data rate (ODR) and full scale ranges, DD2.0 will keep polling the data ready bit from the accel and gyro status registers respectively. If that new data bit is set, then DD2.0 will read BMI090L data registers and store the data in the file.

    For example, if you set accel and gyro to 100Hz both, then the data log file will have both data at each time interval of 10ms. If you set accel to 100Hz ODR and gyro to 200Hz ODR, then gyro data will be stored in the file at 5ms interval while accel data 10ms interval.

    You can use COINES SW to log data into file by yourself.