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    Does BSEC2 support the older BME680, and if so, is there any value to upgrading from BSEC1?

    Does BSEC2 support the older BME680, and if so, is there any value to upgrading from BSEC1?

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    I am currently running BSEC v1.4.9.2 from the official Github link with a BME680 on a Particle Photon.

    I looked into BSEC2 but I'm unclear as to whether it still supports the BME680, or if it is solely designed for the BME688. The included example code requests fewer outputs - BSEC1 gives me IAQ, breathVOCequivalent, CO2equivalent, gas%, staticIAC, etc, but BSEC2 only gives me the usual temp/humidity/pressure and "gas1, gas2, gas3, gas4".

    I could easily edit this to request the same outputs as I am getting from the BSEC1 library, but I want to make sure A) it will actually work, before I go to the effort, and B) that there is value in upgrading BSEC versions.

    Am I missing out on anything by being on BSEC v1.4.9.2? I am assuming there are no new outputs in BSEC2 for the BME680. Are the algorithms improved and the outputs more accurate? Or is this newer version essentially just to support the BME688 and its AI gas collection?

    Thanks for your reply!

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi moeburn,

    BSEC2 also supports BME680. We recommend using the latest version of BSEC2.
    You can see from the table below the output signals supported by BSEC2.

    BSEC2.4.0.0_supported virtual sensor output signals.png

    Thank you very much, that was a very helpful answer.  I have updated my library from BSEC v1 to v2, and with some code changes, I am happy to report that it all continues to work seamlessly. 

    May I ask if you noticed any changes in the performance of the sensor? I am wondering the same question about updating but I see no clear value and the code examples seem more complicated (which is a bit ridiculous considering that this is supposed to be an upgrade).