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    Fast Offset resolution of BMG250

    Fast Offset resolution of BMG250


    We are currently in the midst of developing an electronic system that among other things measures an angle. When researching and commissioning the Gyroscope BMG250, it was noticed that the fast offset compensation depending on the ambient temperature is unfavorable and thus deviates too far from zero. Data sheet BST-BMG250-DS000-02 on page 47 explains a possibility to adjust the resolution of the offset between 0.12 and 0.98 deg/s and the range between 31.25 and 250 deg/s.  The exact resolution results from the formula 0. 12 deg/s*2^Val(gyr_range_off). These settings must be made in register 0x70 alias NV_CONF. The description of this register on page 45 and in the register Map on page 25 however, show no possibility to make such a setting. Only a selection between I2C and SPI can be made.

    Does somebody have a hint on how to adjust the offset resolution? Thank you very much.

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    Community Moderator

    The gyro offset range selection is exist in very early sample stage,  in formal sample, we already disable it. 

    so the offset resolution is 0.061 degree / s per LSB. 

    I will feedback to the internal team to fix the datasheet for this describtion. 

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    It should be 0.061dps/LSB,there is no related configuration bits in NV_CONF(0X70)register.

    Thank you for you answer. Is the offset resolution of 0.061 deg/s a fixed point or respective to the preset angular resolution and how's it calculated?


    This isn't about the same topic but you may also want to note that there are some other inconsistencies in the data sheet, e. g. on page 48 there is a description of the CMD register that is not specified in the Register Map. The coding is the same as the pmu_status register, where only bits 3 - 2 can be written. But here it is the command code 0x15.

    I'd like to push this thread again since I didn't get a satisfying answer yet.