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    How do we report API bugs?

    How do we report API bugs?

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    I've been using Bosch MEMS sensors and APIs for many years.  Until recently, I would share bug reports and fixes as issues on github.  Bosch have now disabled issues on github and instead direct users to use this forum.

    How should we share bug reports and fixes with Bosch?  I am not looking for support, I want to help improve the APIs.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi sebmadgwick,

    I am happy to hear that you have been using our APIs for a while and would like to help us improve. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from the community on how we can improve.

    We had to close the issue tracking on Github and transfer everything to a common place so that as a moderator(s) it would make it easier to address all issues in a common forum. We understand that as a Github user it is preferred to report issues directly there. I would recommend that you report issues here and we will forward them to our internal teams. In case you would like to create a pull-request, if the change is minor (not affecting the code itself) then we will merge to our master. In case of a change to the code, the internal teams will be notified and after receiving a tested release, we will post the changes to Github.