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    How is BMI085 gyro synchronized accel. XYZ sample data access THROUGH FIFO possible (or impossible)?

    How is BMI085 gyro synchronized accel. XYZ sample data access THROUGH FIFO possible (or impossible)?

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    Hello -- I have a simple question about the possibility of using the BMI085 in synchronized accelerometer & gyroscope mode and retrieving synchronized accelerometer XYZ and gyroscope XYZ samples through the FIFO.

    My question: Is it possible or impossible, and if it is possible, could you please cite complete & definitive information as to how to configure the FIFO to read out synchronized accelerometer XYZ samples plus the gyroscope XYZ samples?

    Background: We have a working device & custom firmware code using synchronized mode access to accelerometer + gyroscope data samples which does NOT use the FIFO to retrieve the XYZ and temperature samples.  It would be nice if we could retrieve the synchronized mode accelerometer + gyroscope data samples via the FIFO if that is actually possible.

    Searching I have found:

    * one topic here that claims is IS possible to access synchronized accelerometer & gyroscope data via the FIFO, but it does not cite any methodology and it cites the availability of github example code for this use case BUT that code does NOT seem to actually use the FIFO for synchronized data access.   No application note / data sheet content I have seen (see below) relevant to the synchronized mode / FIFO discusses their combined use.

    * one topic here that claims that is IS NOT possible access synchronized accelerometer & gyroscope data via the FIFO: [q.v. items (3) and (4)] so if this is correct then it contradicts the above contrary topic answer.

    * Github sample code and application sample code repos from Bosch for this part but neither seems to use the FIFO for synchronized data access.

    * The data sheet and the following application notes do not appear to detail the simultaneous use of the FIFO in the synchronized mode of operation for retrieval of the synchronized (not only raw unsynchronized) acceleration data in conjunction with gyroscope data.

    Application Note – Data Synchronization for BMI085 & BMI088
    Document revision 1.0
    Document release date July 2020
    Document number BST-MIS-AN006-00

    BST-MIS-AN005-01 | Revision 1.1 | November 2018 BMI08x FIFO usage

    BMI085 – data synchronization
    Document revision 1.1
    Release date February 2018
    Document number BST-BMI085-AN001-01

    Thank you very much for any information that may be helpful to decide whether we should have hope of using the FIFO for synchronized mode data access.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    With the API on the Github,  there is no possible to configure the sync data into FIFO.  the data was only stored in register area of accel part of BMI085.  

    I also updated the answer to another topic to avoid your confusion.