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    How to BME688 detect coffee or not via BSEC 2.x library

    How to BME688 detect coffee or not via BSEC 2.x library

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    Hello All,

    I watched the video at  (or )  how to detect coffee smell  or not.  As the video, we can export the config file to use  so and then I downloaded the source which run BME688 on Linux OS   (BSEC_2.0.6.1_Generic_Release_04302021) but I didn’t find any documents to explain how to import and detect the coffee  or not in BSEC  source code .

    Would you explain  me the point ?

     Best regards,

    Thong LT

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Thong,

    There was application note for BME AI-Studio, you could refer it.

    Hello  BSTRobin,

    I tried to build source code  to run on Linux OS (  Raspberry Pi)  to get Humidity , Temperature, VOCs , etc but failed to get them.

    In BSEC_2.0.6.1_Generic_Release_04302021, I did not find one example run for demo ( Download at ) .

    Basic, I can cros compiler and run the Raspberry but  i don't know format data or protocol ,etc so i think that we can't use source code in BSEC_2.0.6.1_Generic_Release_04302021 for releasing.

    When I review source code for BME680 ( BSEC_1.4.8.0_Generic_Release) we can find an example to run demo 

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Thong,

    1.BME AI-Studio Software
    As you downloaed BME AI-Studio Software and application note, it didn't have source code, but it supported to generate config file to detect coffee. HW board shoul be BME688 Development Kit.

    The BSEC 2.x Software is a library running on the device microcontroller to operate the BME688, to analyze the sensor data and to calculate all sensor outputs like ambient humidity, index for air quality or gas scan results. After you downloaded BSEC package, there was example code, such as iot example. You could refer the following ticket that included how to run iot example.