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    How to compile BMI160 source code in Debian

    How to compile BMI160 source code in Debian



    I would like to know how to compile accelerometer BMI160 source code on a Debian based distro. The distro has a kernel without BMI160 support.

    The source code:, has no general Makefile or documentation on that matter.
    It has some examples, but I cannot get them to work.
    Could you please provide a complete example?

    Thank you.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Agostinho, 


    We have COINES which supports our dev kit.

    And, there are examples based on make file. 

    If you are using your own mcu, it can not use directly, but you can check make file. 

    ( In case of bmi160, default path is C:\COINES\v2.4\sensor-api\bmi160\)

    Or, you can use it after you modify some interface part. 


    Thank you for providing COINES.

    I have read the DOCs and READMEs but they are oriented for Engineering deployment/testing.

    There is nothing for installing the BMI160 source code in Debian. There are Linux instructions for compiling: Examples, APIs, etc...

    What I need is:

    I have a computer with Debian and BMI160 accelerometer.

    How can I install it?

    The provided documentation does not cover that. But please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thank you.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello agostinho, 


    You don't need to install anything for BMI160, but compiler. 

    If you already have previous project based on c, you can use the makefile for our example. 

    But, if you download COINES, you can see every example has make file. 

    Anyway, after you download gcc, you can refer below makefile example. ( I found it online)

    Of course you can use our COINES's makefile example. 

    Once again, you just need download github and use makefile. 


    OK, problem solved with a newer kernel version and a Bash script to detect auto-rotation events (that executes on system startup).