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    How to configure acceleration range of Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP)?


    How to configure acceleration range of Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP)?


    I have a nicla sense ME IMU sensor and I want to evaluate the various sensitivity range of the accelerometer?

    Does anyone have an idea how to change the acceleration range parameter in Arduino?

    Or any sample code that I can refer to?

    I tried to search and found something but still, I cannot get it how to implement it on the program.



    Thank you



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    Re: How to configure acceleration range of Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP)?


    Re: How to configure acceleration range of Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP)?


    Hi Minhwan


    Thanks for the response,

    But do I need to modify the BoschSensortec.cpp to include the bhy2_set_virt_sensor_range() function?

    On the Arduino environment, what command should I be using to set specific range for the accelerometer?

    Sorry for the basic questions...


    Best regards

    Christian Ramas

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    Re: How to configure acceleration range of Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP)?


    Yes, you need to modifiy the BoschSensorte.cpp and call the apis defined in bhi2.c to add new features such as this one (changing the range). 

    You could post an request on the official github page of nicla-sense-me-fw, and ask for a feature addition like this. 

    or alternatively you could push your change to the upstream and get it approved eventually. 

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    Re: How to configure acceleration range of Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP)?

    I have the same problem, I need to change the dynamic range of my Arduino Sense ME (BHI260AP). I see your response but I do not understand exactly how to implement this. Can you further explain?