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    How to get sensor data from BHI160B Shuttle and App Board 3.0

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    How to get sensor data from BHI160B Shuttle and App Board 3.0

    Hi guys, 

    I am trying to evaluate the BHI160B for our application (we wanted to use BHI260, but they were not available atm). Therefore, we bought the Shuttle board and application board 3.0.

    I am trying to understand the documentation, but information is quite scattered.

    I am facing two major challenges:

    1. When I use the development desktop 2.0, I can connect the board and download the BMI160_BMM150 firmware to it. Then under virtual sensors I am setting a sample rate for Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer and enable raw data output and press write. As soon as I click Start streaming the sensor data arrives, but after 1-2 seconds it just stops without error or anything. Same for Orientation. In addition, the sampling rates that I set are not the same as shown in the "physical sensor working status" tab.

    2. Second I tried to get the sensor talking over command line, so I am using Coines under Windows. Building the BMI160 example works, however when I execute it I  am getting the error "Warning invalid sensor shuttle,This application will not support this sensor".  So I tried  the BMM150 example. Same error. Then I found this repo however, there are no makefiles provided for the examples.

    At the moment I am a bit lost, could you please provide me with some guidelines how to simply get the sensor data from BHI160B shuttle board 3.0 on a Application board 3.0 with a C or a Python example?


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    Re: How to get sensor data from BHI160B Shuttle and App Board 3.0

    Hi stef87,

    Could we know what's development desktop UI version and COINES version you installed?

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    Re: How to get sensor data from BHI160B Shuttle and App Board 3.0

    Hi thanks for your reply,

    from the Development Desktop 2.0 Beta I get:

    SW ID: 1.9

    HW ID: 1.0

    Shuttle ID 0x99

    UI Version

    BoardType: ApplicationBoardV3

    COINES is version 2.7.0


    Yesterday I tried writing myself a makefile for the examples in BHY1. I downloaded the github repo for BHY1 and put it in the example folder of COINES. Then I adapted the paths the COINES install folder and run mingw32-make. However i get lots of include errors (first one is twi.h, when I fix that I get the next one...). Some files do not even exist in the COINES install directory. Maybe I need to install an older version of COINES or something?


    ifeq ($(OS),Windows_NT)

    COINES_INSTALL_PATH ?= ../../../

    EXAMPLE_FILE ?= rotation_vector_example.c

    C_SRCS += ../driver/src/bhy.c
    C_SRCS += ../driver/src/bhy_support.c
    C_SRCS += ../driver/src/bhy_uc_driver.c

    INCLUDEPATHS += ../driver/inc
    INCLUDEPATHS += ./firmware

    include $(COINES_INSTALL_PATH)/


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    Re: How to get sensor data from BHI160B Shuttle and App Board 3.0

    Hi stef87,

    The new version of COINES removes the example of BHY1. If you have an older version of COINES(v2.0) , you can refer to the BHY1 example in v2.0 and move it to COINES v2.7 for use.