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    How to get sensor data from BHI160B Shuttle and App Board 3.0

    How to get sensor data from BHI160B Shuttle and App Board 3.0

    New Poster

    Hi guys, 

    I am trying to evaluate the BHI160B for our application (we wanted to use BHI260, but they were not available atm). Therefore, we bought the Shuttle board and application board 3.0.

    I am trying to understand the documentation, but information is quite scattered.

    I am facing two major challenges:

    1. When I use the development desktop 2.0, I can connect the board and download the BMI160_BMM150 firmware to it. Then under virtual sensors I am setting a sample rate for Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer and enable raw data output and press write. As soon as I click Start streaming the sensor data arrives, but after 1-2 seconds it just stops without error or anything. Same for Orientation. In addition, the sampling rates that I set are not the same as shown in the "physical sensor working status" tab.

    2. Second I tried to get the sensor talking over command line, so I am using Coines under Windows. Building the BMI160 example works, however when I execute it I  am getting the error "Warning invalid sensor shuttle,This application will not support this sensor".  So I tried  the BMM150 example. Same error. Then I found this repo however, there are no makefiles provided for the examples.

    At the moment I am a bit lost, could you please provide me with some guidelines how to simply get the sensor data from BHI160B shuttle board 3.0 on a Application board 3.0 with a C or a Python example?


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi stef87,

    Could we know what's development desktop UI version and COINES version you installed?

    Hi thanks for your reply,

    from the Development Desktop 2.0 Beta I get:

    SW ID: 1.9

    HW ID: 1.0

    Shuttle ID 0x99

    UI Version

    BoardType: ApplicationBoardV3

    COINES is version 2.7.0


    Yesterday I tried writing myself a makefile for the examples in BHY1. I downloaded the github repo for BHY1 and put it in the example folder of COINES. Then I adapted the paths the COINES install folder and run mingw32-make. However i get lots of include errors (first one is twi.h, when I fix that I get the next one...). Some files do not even exist in the COINES install directory. Maybe I need to install an older version of COINES or something?


    ifeq ($(OS),Windows_NT)

    COINES_INSTALL_PATH ?= ../../../

    EXAMPLE_FILE ?= rotation_vector_example.c

    C_SRCS += ../driver/src/bhy.c
    C_SRCS += ../driver/src/bhy_support.c
    C_SRCS += ../driver/src/bhy_uc_driver.c

    INCLUDEPATHS += ../driver/inc
    INCLUDEPATHS += ./firmware

    include $(COINES_INSTALL_PATH)/


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi stef87,

    The new version of COINES removes the example of BHY1. If you have an older version of COINES(v2.0) , you can refer to the BHY1 example in v2.0 and move it to COINES v2.7 for use.