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    How use BMX055 with BSXlite fusion lib for cortex M0?

    How use BMX055 with BSXlite fusion lib for cortex M0?

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    I am an engineer at DVC-CO and we will lanch a new developpment with the BMX055. We need to do a fusion of 3 sensor and for that i will use your fusion.
    I have download the BSXlite_Cortex but there are no version for cortex m0. How can i use your library and a cortex m0? For your information we use stm32f072RBT.

    Best regards

    Henri Dimi

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    Dear Jonakiram,

    If you are interested on BSX on BMF055 we highly recommend you to use the BNO055, it's the same HW as BMF055 and comes pre-loeaded with BSX.

    Licensing BSX full is only possible under certain conditions (e.g volume of the project, application, ....) that we are not able to disclose in this forum. Therefore we recommend you to contact your distributors (from whom you're buying the sensors) to get more information about BSX licensing.


    Hi kgoveas,

    thanks for your reply but my problem is that we have already developp and product hardware with BMX055, there is no way to have the .lib compile for cortex m0 ?
    And also i see that the BMF are not the same package so we can't just change the sensor.

    Bes regards,



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    Hello, I am using BMF055.  Can we store calibration profile in SAMD20 itself and restore it during initialisation using nvm driver.    Or do we have to do this store and restore on the host.

    I am using bsx_set_magcalibprofile and bsx_get_magcalibprofile functions.   Please let me know.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Please send us your contact information and company informaiton via private message.

    then we will contact you for SLA process.

    Hi Vincent, 

    I have send you my personnal mail box the wednesday 27/03/2019. But i don't know if i have do that in the right way. 

    Please can you give my the right way ? I have just clic on your name and send private message;


    Best regards,