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    I'm trying to interface an nRF52832 to the BMA456 and load a config file

    I'm trying to interface an nRF52832 to the BMA456 and load a config file


    Hello everyone,

    I am attemping to interface an nRF52832 to the BMA456 and load a step counter/tracker. Has anyone already done this and if not does anyone have any ideas of how to get started? 

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi @Jar444 , 


    Could you explain in details? 

    Could you download it fully or you got some fails during downloading? 

    If you can download it, what is the error code about download? 

    I strongly suggest to use BMA456 API.


    I am using the Bosch API. I changed the COINES functions to my own. The config file gives me the -5 error as in the config failed to load. I am using the step counter feature.


     This is the Putty output.

    I attache the code to this post as well.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Could you capture your data using logic analyzer? 

    Or, you have to check step by step. 

    As you mentioned that, you are using our API. 

    If so, each bma456 function has return value and you can check where is problem. 

    In your log, you don't totally provide any return value. Would you get return value and let me know? 

    Thank you. 

    Sorry, for some reason I uploaded the wrong picture. Here is the correct one.

    Screenshot 2023-05-23 163701.png

    The configuration file takes a very long time to load and the time between bma456h init status and bma456h write config is 5+ minutes.