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    IAQ accuracy and calibration

    IAQ accuracy and calibration

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    Sorry to interrupt,

    I also have a question about IAQ calibration. And IAQ accuracy.


    I do understand what IAQ accuracy==1 means.

    If I reset the whole device(including the nvs where the device state is stored),

    obviously it starts from IAQ accuaracy =0 and once the sensor is stabilized it turns to 1. But it takes around 2 days to reach 3. It is same with other devices.

    Whereas, once it reaches 3, even if I restart the device(not erasing the state data) it reaches 3 in about 10~30 minutes. 


    So here is my question.

    1. Is the calibrating algorithm triggered not just by the deviation in IAQ but also it has to satisfy accumulation of certain amount of data(which is pretty much same as duration of its running time since it has first turned on) if the whole state is reseted ?

    2. In order to make new device to reach accuracy 3 , would it be fine to save the state of one device which has already reached accuracy of 3. And then load this to the newly reseted device? 

    (I am curious because, first, I am not sure the sensor state is the factor that causes this. Second, I guess the calibration should be device specific.)


    Truly sorry about this long question, and thank you so much !! 

    Look forward to answer! 

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    there is another similar thread


    answer is do not mix & match sensors and states