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    IMU Axis remap and Mag data runtime calibration

    IMU Axis remap and Mag data runtime calibration

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    Hi everyone,

    I am present working with BMX160, till now i am able to read Raw data from it and Converting them in to Roll,Pitch and Yaw using BSXLite library.

    For magnetomer calibration, i used below attached Tool (motion sens calibration) for calculating Soft and Hard iron values of a perticular area/place.


    My Questions :-

    1) I want to calibrate magnetometer raw data for avoiding "Hard and soft iron distortions" dynamically/runtime with respect to the place/area?

         Is it possible to do it? If yes, Can you please help me to find the solution or Doc or PDF etc

    2) I am placed BMX160 in vertically (Y-(Down to ground) , X and Z are in 2D Plane) in my Hardware, when i pass X,Y and Z raw data to BSXLite library,        i am not getting correct Roll,Pitch and Yaw.

        Can you suggest me any document/pdf, which is exactly explains about Axis remaping from Horizontal plane to Vertical plane of IMU?

      Note : I gone through this and i understod theory of below link but it explanis in Horizonatal plane


    3) Especially in BMX160 in axis remapping sign(-/+) is matters?


    Thank you in advance.




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    Community Moderator


    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Currently on our website BMI160 is indicated as "Not available for new designs". BMX160 = BMI160 + BMM150 in one single package where BMM150 is connected to BMI160's secondary I2C interface. So BMX160 is indicated as "Not recommended for new designs". Please switch to BMI270 + BMM150 two-chip solution or use BHI260AP + BMM150 two-chip solution for direct sensor fusion output.

    Regarding BMX160 axis remapping, you can acquire BMX160 accel, gyro and mag raw data to identify each axis's polarity. Then you can refer to the attached "BMI160 shuttle board 9-axis sensor orientation v1.1.pdf" to do your own axis remapping.