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    IMU Maximum Output Data Rates - BMX160 BMF055

    IMU Maximum Output Data Rates - BMX160 BMF055



    I am looking for 9 axis IMU with fastest possible output data rate (ODR).  My initial choice was BMF055 but was told BSX-lite ODR is only 100Hz in this thread:

    Now I am considering BMX160 since datasheet says max accel ODR = 1600 Hz.

    If I use BMF055 without BSX-lite does it have faster ODR?

    Is it possible to use BMF055 without BSX-lite?

    Does Bosch have an IMU with faster ODR than BMX160?

    Any comments on why BMX160 is so much faster than BMF055? 

    Is BMF055 sampling much faster than 100Hz internally but BSX-lite does some averaging or something that causes the reduction down to 100Hz?  In other words, is the 100Hz spec not really 16x worse than the 1600Hz spec for BMX160?

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    Long-established Member

    Dear Kxco,

    The 100Hz ODR mention if for the fused data with BSXlite Software. Obviously you can use the BMF055 without the BSXlite and get access to the unfiltered sensor data at much higher data rate.

    You should now that for example the accelerometer in BMF055 is the BMA280, you can check the datasheet of BMA280, but the ODRmax (unfiltered) for this HW is 2000Hz-



    "Obviously you can use the BMF055 without the BSXlite and get access to the unfiltered sensor data at much higher data rate."


    If it was obvious, I would not be here.


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    Dear Kxco,

    Did you looked to one of the examples listed in our website on the BMF055 page (download section)

    You can find a data stream example (see below link to the application note)

    I hope this can help?



    Hi Kxco,

    as hinted by elrhoul, BMF055 is a freely programmalbe SIP with Microcontroller, Accelerometer and Gyroscope. As such, you need to refer the the specific datasheets of its components to unlock the full potential. I've attached the most important page of the BMF055 datasheet.