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    IMU Sensor Options

    IMU Sensor Options

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    Hi there,

    My company is working on a stealth product which requires a compass and motion detection functionality all in one chip. We are looking into using Bosch's line of accelerometers/ IMUs to complete this task. Can anyone let me know what you would suggest for use with this application? In addition, we would like features such tap detection embedded into the device. Step detection would also be nice. Our biggest concerns are accuracy and low-power. \

    I am currently looking at the following parts:

    - BMX055

    - BNO055

    - BNO080

    Which is the best part for my application and what are the differences between all 3 parts? Thanks!

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    The best part selection for you would be BHI160 + BMM150. This combo would give you out-of-the-box eCompass solution, along with Step-Counter and double-tap sensing (Wakeup interrupt = double-tap)

    BMX055 is a standalone sensor (no software)
    BNO055 is not low-power, does not have step counter nor tap sensing.
    BNO080 is not a Bosch product, I could not comment on the feature set. But since it uses the same hardware as BNO055, it is safe to assume that is it not low-power.

    Why not BMX160 instead of a combination of two devices BHI160 + BMM150

    IMUs and magnetometer have very different placement constraints. For an IMU, you would want to minimum PCB bending stress, vibration, and Temperature changes. For the magnetometer, you want to minimize magnetic field distortions.

    It is usually easier to find a suitable placement with a 2-chip solution, rather than a single large sensor.

    I originally recommended BHI160, since you mention that you require a compass. BMX160 does not have an onboard microcontroller, and therefore does not output heading directly. For that you would need an external eCompass algorithm. BHI160 has this algorithm built-in, with a microcontroller and output directly heading.