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    Integrate BSX_lite to BMX160

    Integrate BSX_lite to BMX160

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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to integrate the BSXlite with the BMX160. Before the integration, I used BMI160_driver as well as the BMM150 sensor API  and the THIS guide of how to use an auxiliary sensor or magnetometer with the BMI160.

    So far so good, I am able to read meaningful results from all the three sensors. Then I started the integration with the BSXlite. I followed the BSXlite Library Integration Guideline provided with the software but I am not able to read offsets or Euler angles...

    1. Included all the header files as well as the precompiled static library .a (libalgobsx3_CortexM4F in my case as I am using the nRF52) 

    2. Create four arrays holding the accel/gyro/mag settings for the library as well as usecase_config

    3. Initialize the BSX & set the working mode

    //Initialize BSX
    void BSX_init() {
      s_input.accelspec = str_accelspec;
      s_input.gyrospec = str_gyrospec;
      s_input.magspec = str_magspec;
      s_input.usecase = str_usecaseconfig;
      init_status = bsx_init(&s_input);
      if (init_status == BSX_STATE_OK) {
        NRF_LOG_INFO("BSX Initialized\n");
      } else {
        NRF_LOG_INFO("BSX Initialization Failed...\n");
      s_workingmodes.opMode = BSX_WORKINGMODE_NDOF_GEORV_FMC_OFF; // na - Assign the working mode to the opMode member
      bsx_set_workingmode(&s_workingmodes);                      // na - Set the working mode
      bsx_get_hwdependency(s_workingmodes, &HWsensorSwitchList); // na - Get the list of sensors required for the set working mode

    4. Finally, I fed the raw data to the library - Here is the problem

    When I try to read for example the accel offset or the accel offset in mg the results are all 0s

    When I try to read Euler angles the results are garbage and does not update every one second (I have a delay of 1s to get data on the serial monitor)

    static void read_sensor_data() {
      m_xfer_done = false;
      libraryinput_t libraryInput_ts; // na - variable to hold sensors data and data stamps
     // na - Read raw data frm accel, gyro, mag
      bmi160_get_sensor_data((BMI160_ACCEL_SEL | BMI160_GYRO_SEL | BMI160_TIME_SEL), &s_accel, &s_gyro, &sensor);
      bmi160_read_aux_data_auto_mode(mag_data, &sensor);
      bmm150_aux_mag_data(mag_data, &bmm150);
      // na - fed the raw data to the library
      // na - accel data and time stamp = s_accel.x; = s_accel.y; = s_accel.z;
      libraryInput_ts.acc.time_stamp = s_accel.sensortime; // na - you have to pass the timestamp, otherwise it won't work
      // na - gyro data and time stamp = s_gyro.x; = s_gyro.y; = s_gyro.z;
      libraryInput_ts.gyro.time_stamp = s_gyro.sensortime;
      // na - mag data and time stamp =; =; =;
      libraryInput_ts.mag.time_stamp = s_accel.sensortime;
      ts_dataxyzf32 accRawData, gyroRawData_rps, magRawRata;
      ts_dataxyzf32 accCorData;
      ts_dataxyzf32 accOffSet;
      ts_dataxyzs32 accOffSetMG;
      ts_dataquatf32 orientQuat;
      ts_dataeulerf32 eulerDataRad;
      bsx_get_accoffset(&accOffSet); // na - Get the acc offset
      NRF_LOG_INFO("ACC_off X: " NRF_LOG_FLOAT_MARKER "\r", NRF_LOG_FLOAT(accOffSet.x));   // na - print acc offset X value
      NRF_LOG_INFO("ACC_off Y: " NRF_LOG_FLOAT_MARKER "\r", NRF_LOG_FLOAT(accOffSet.y));   // na - print acc offset Y value
      NRF_LOG_INFO("ACC_off Z: " NRF_LOG_FLOAT_MARKER "\r\n", NRF_LOG_FLOAT(accOffSet.z)); // na - print acc offset Z value
      bsx_get_accoffsets_mg(&accOffSetMG); // na - Get the acc offset in mg
      NRF_LOG_INFO("ACC_off_mg X: %d" ,accOffSet.x);   // na - print acc offset X value in mg
      NRF_LOG_INFO("ACC_off_mg Y: %d" ,accOffSet.y);   // na - print acc offset Y value in mg
      NRF_LOG_INFO("ACC_off_mg Z: %d" ,accOffSet.z);   // na - print acc offset Z value in mg
      bsx_get_orientdata_euler_rad(&eulerDataRad); // na - Euler angles (x=pitch , y=yaw , z=roll)
      NRF_LOG_INFO("Pitch X: " NRF_LOG_FLOAT_MARKER "\r", NRF_LOG_FLOAT(eulerDataRad.p));  // na - print pitch X value in rad
      NRF_LOG_INFO("Yaw Y: " NRF_LOG_FLOAT_MARKER "\r", NRF_LOG_FLOAT(eulerDataRad.y));    // na - print yaw Y value in rad
      NRF_LOG_INFO("Roll Z: " NRF_LOG_FLOAT_MARKER "\r\n", NRF_LOG_FLOAT(eulerDataRad.r)); // na - print roll Z value in rad
      NRF_LOG_INFO("Time:%d , AccelX:%d , AccelY:%d , AccelZ:%d", s_accel.sensortime, s_accel.x, s_accel.y, s_accel.z);
      NRF_LOG_INFO("Time:%d , GyroX:%d , GyroY:%d , GyroZ:%d", s_gyro.sensortime, s_gyro.x, s_gyro.y, s_gyro.z);
      NRF_LOG_INFO("Time:%d , MagX:%d , MagY:%d , MagZ:%d", s_accel.sensortime,,,;


    These are the results. Also are you can see the time stamp for accel and gyro is the same. I this normal?


    Lastly, these are the setting for the BMI160 and BMM150

      sensor.accel_cfg.odr = BMI160_ACCEL_ODR_100HZ;
      sensor.accel_cfg.range = BMI160_ACCEL_RANGE_2G; = BMI160_ACCEL_BW_NORMAL_AVG4;
      sensor.accel_cfg.power = BMI160_ACCEL_NORMAL_MODE;
      sensor.gyro_cfg.odr = BMI160_GYRO_ODR_100HZ;
      sensor.gyro_cfg.range = BMI160_GYRO_RANGE_500_DPS; = BMI160_GYRO_BW_NORMAL_MODE;
      sensor.gyro_cfg.power = BMI160_GYRO_NORMAL_MODE;
      rslt = bmi160_set_sens_conf(&sensor);
      bmm150.settings.preset_mode = BMM150_PRESETMODE_REGULAR;
      rslt = bmm150_set_presetmode(&bmm150);
      bmm150.settings.pwr_mode = BMM150_FORCED_MODE;
      rslt = bmm150_set_op_mode(&bmm150);
      sensor.aux_cfg.aux_odr = 6; //8
      bmi160_set_aux_auto_mode(&aux_addr, &sensor);


    I know that something is missing but I cannot figure out what is it...

    Thanks in advance 


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Here is one working example of BSX lite integration on MCU side.

    You can take reference of that example.

    One more hint:  magnetic sensor data rate supported in BSX lite is only 25Hz. In your code, you use same as accel time stamp as input time stamp of magnetic sensor which is not correct.

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    Hi Vincent


    Long-established Member

    Could someone from the moderators answer the questions?