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    Interfacing BHI260AP through STM32 or Arduino

    Interfacing BHI260AP through STM32 or Arduino


    Hello sir, 

    As you had suggested that BHI260AP is a good replacement of BNO055 sensor. I read BHI260AP api on github and other resources but i didn't find any information about the interface of BHI260AP shuttle board 3.0 with stm or arduino for further prototyping. 

    Can you help me out, I need quaternion or euler angle (as mentioned in example code on github). I need to run these example code to get quaternion or euler angle for further prototyping on arduino or stm32.

    I read about changing the common.c file, but there are many thing and I didn't understand the what exactly I need to change so that those example code run through stm32 or arduino board. 


    Thank you

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    Community Moderator


    Thanks for your inquiry.

    BHI260AP is soldered on Nicla Sense ME board that is compatible with Arduino at You may purchase a Nicla Sense ME board and try some sample codes to get the quaternions and Euler angles outputs from BHI260AP.


    Thankyou for your suggestion, But I have purchased BHI260AP shuttle Board 3.0. 

    Can you suggest me about the interface this shuttle board with stm32? I had read about making changes in common.c, So should I just embedd the I2C api generated by stm32cubeid instead of Bosch Developement Envirnment api? Or I need to something extra, which I am not aware of.


    Thank you

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Kumar, 


    I think you already notice latest our API in github since you mentioned about common.c

    Yes, you need to replace I2C or SPI interface with your own arduino SPI or I2C functions. 

    Please remove all coines related functions and coines.h in common.h. 

    That is our EVM related function. 

    The attached file is for Arduino example based quite old API version, but could be useful for migration work. 

    Therefore, you need to update it with github API. 

    Thank you.  

    Dear Minhwan,
    Thank you for your response, as i understand, I have change embedded(replace with coin's function) the I2C api of any controller (either STM32, Arduino) within the given functions and leave everything as it is. 
    I will try it and let everyone know on the same thread. Hope this work fine for us.
    Thank you for your support.
    Amit Kumar