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    List of Android Smart Phones using the Bosch IMU's

    List of Android Smart Phones using the Bosch IMU's


    Is there a way I can get a list of current Android smartphones that use the Bosch IMU's with sensor fusion, I have developed an app that only seems to work on phones with with the BHI160 and I would like to know which phones to target. 

    Kind Regards, 


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Cykelstrom,

    Mobile phones supporting Bosch's IMU are usually declared by mobile phone manufacturers.
    By the way, how do you know that your app is only applicable to phones using BHI160?


    I do not know for sure that my app only works with the BHI160, however, the same code using the rotation matrix on other phones without a Bosch IMU fail very badly. I have no other explaination except my research shows that the Bosch IMU's appear to be able to consistently give me good data showing the orientation of the phone while accelerating or in motion while riding a bicycle. I assume it is due to the on chip sensor fusion providing good data to the method my app uses. The phone I am using is the Motorola G6. When I run the app on a Samsung A20 and A21, which has a ST Microelectronics LM6DSL IMU, my phone orientation data drifts off and never comes back. Further testing shows that the LM6DSL gyro appears to be the problem. The only thing I can do is compare the data sheets and see what is different between the devices and what I see is the Bosch IMU has better sensor fusion than the STM. 

    I am correct that the Bosch IMU can give me good orientation data while accelerating? Also, do you know if the SOC in either of these phones could be the problem? Do you know of any aggregated list of phone specifications that tell me the sensors or specifications for smart phones? 

    My next step is to purchase an external module so my app can run on any phone and the one I chose has a Bosch IMU. I am also considering designing my own module, but I have more work to do before I can come to that conclusion.

    I specifically need to keep track of the phone orientation with regard to the global frame of reference while in motion for my app to work properly.

    Any advice or direction is much appreciated.

    Kind regards, 

    Charles Skoning, Principal Engineer

    Hello Cykelstrom,

    jabezwinston provided web link, you could refer the list of current Android smartphones that use Bosch IMU's with sensor fusion.

    Hello jabezwinston,

    Thanks for your sharing.