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    Logging Data

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    Logging Data


    I am currently designing a benchmark test to characterize several IMUs at once (working only with Shuttle boards). Hence, I need a data logging platform, I saw that Bosch has one but an application board is needed and since I would need several application boards to complete my tests which would end up being a bit pricey.

    Hence I was wondering if Bosch has drivers for Labview to use Labview as my data logger.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Community Moderator

    Re: Logging Data

    Hi Anthony,

    There are 3 solutions:
    1- The shuttleboards are made to plug in directly into a breadboard (same spacing as old DIP packages). Indeed if you do not want to use the expensive application board, you can use any MCU of your choice, one SPI bus + 1CS per device and save a lot.

    2- We do not have Labview drivers, but if you wanted to use the application board, Development Desktop 2.0 comes with a .dll that allows to talk to the shuttle directly. You can write a Labview wrapper for this .dll. Look in the installation folder for the documentation on this .dll

    3- You can always use COINES with the Application Board. You would be limited by the number of available GPIOs for the Chip Select lines, but this is another solution using a single Application board.